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Ontario Grown Produce

Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Tomatoes

Sunvine Watermelons

We introduced Canada to Sunvine Watermelons in 2010. Since then we have expanded and are now the largest and best watermelon growers in Canada. Sunvine Watermelons are grown in the favourable sandy soil in Norfolk County. Our family farm grows between 600-900 acres of watermelon which are available between mid July to mid September. 

Sunvine Cantaloupes

In 2017, we began growing Cantaloupes and have increased our growing and processing capabilities every year since. In 2020 we grew 30 acres of Sunvine Cantaloupes. As we perfect our growing and packing techniques we will continue to expand and grow the sweetest cantaloupes in Canada. 

Sunvine Tomatoes

New for 2020 is our Ontario tomatoes! We grew 1 acre of a variety of tomatoes and we're overwhelmed with the positive response from retailers! We look forward to producing more next year.

All of our produce is held to the highest quality and food safety standards to ensure the satisfaction and safety of our fellow Canadians. Look for the Sunvine label at your favourite grocery store!

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